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25th May 2016

Fact: Eva Longoria's former Desperate Housewives co-star Vanessa Williams surprised the actress by performing her hit Save the Best For Last at her sunset wedding ceremony in Mexico at the weekend (21May16).

30th September 2015

Fact: Studio bosses at Fox 2000 are developing a sequel to beloved 1997 film Soul Food, called More Soul Food. Filmmaker George Tillman Jr. has signed on to return as director and screenwriter for the follow-up.

10th September 2015

Quote: "That's crazy (nowadays) to think that you can look at a scandal and think that that would be good for your career, whereas for me, it took every ounce of credibility that I had and wiped it out." Actress/singer Vanessa Williams is stunned by how celebrity sex scandals can now be used to launch or boost careers, more than 30 years after she was stripped of her Miss America title following a nude picture controversy. The Ugly Betty star is now returning to the beauty pageant as head judge for 2015's live televised final, which takes place on Sunday (13Sep15) in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

27th March 2013

Quote: "I flew back to L.A. with her after we had shot our scenes. She was going through a tremendously painful time (after breaking up with Kris Humphries). I was listening and telling her that a new day will come. It certainly has come. She's got a whole new beginning. If she wants to call me for parenting advice, I'm available." Actress Vanessa Williams on bonding with her Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor co-star Kim Kardashian, who is now expecting a baby with Kanye West.

18th March 2013

Tweet: "Thanks for all the birthday wishes my fans. 50 is Fabulous!" Actress/singer Vanessa Williams celebrates hitting the half-century milestone on Monday (18Mar13).

22nd November 2012

Quote: "We actually thought we'd lost his guitar in the flood... They took the moisture out of it... and he got back on and started singing away." Vanessa Williams reveals her Tv husband in axed drama 666 Park Avenue, Terry O'Quinn, feared he'd lost his beloved guitar when the show's New York studio was flooded in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

22nd November 2012

Quote: "My dog Augie has gone to work with an ex-cop, who just lost a 200-pound Great Dane with the same exact markings... He saw Augie and burst into tears and now he's got Augie and he's really helping him out." Singer/actress Vanessa Williams' dog is getting a little professional training.

17th November 2012

Fact: Former Desperate Housewives star Vanessa Williams' new U.S. Tv drama 666 Park Avenue has been cancelled. The show, which also stars Dave Annable, Rachael Taylor and Lost's Terry O'Quinn, debuted in September (12) but failed to win viewers over.

3rd August 2012

Fact: Actress/singer Vanessa Williams has launched her own line of beauty products. The ReVitalistic Skincare collection features an array of moisturisers, serums and anti-wrinkle creams to help users preserve their youthful looks.

21st April 2012

Quote: "When I first won Miss Greater Syracuse when I was a sophomore at Syracuse University... and my friends and my mother said, 'Go for it, get the scholarship.' I won and my friends said, 'Oh God, they have no idea who they just crowned.' I was a normal 20-year-old kid who had experienced life, who had smoked pot... who had a boyfriend, who had premarital sex." Actress/singer Vanessa Williams insists she was just a normal girl when she began her rise as a beauty queen.

19th April 2012

Quote: "I had no idea that, that had happened, but in retrospect, it kind of put into place some of her reactions during her pre-teen years." Vanessa Williams' mother Helen on learning her daughter had been molested at the age of 10 while working together on the actress/singer's memoirs.

18th April 2012

Quote: "I started out on top of a cab and ended up in a studded collar upstairs an hour later. That was my joke, saying, you know, 'How could I go from this trusting photoshoot, to being in S&M clothing within the same shoot with a guy I didn't know.'" Singer/actress Vanessa Williams on the naked photo scandal that forced her to give up her Miss America crown.

7th February 2012

Fact: Desperate Housewives star Vanessa Williams is the voice of new M&M character Ms. Brown. Company executives at Mars debuted the brand's latest signature colour of milk chocolate candies with a special advert during America's Super Bowl game on Sunday (05Feb12).

6th July 2011

Fact: America Ferrera's June (11) nuptials were somewhat of an Ugly Betty cast reunion - the ceremony was held at co-star Vanessa Williams' sprawling estate in Chappaqua, New York and actress Judith Light officiated. Ferrera wed Ryan Piers Williams last month (Jun11).

4th July 2011

Quote: "I launched a new refrigerator, but the best thing... is it has Twitter on the front of the fridge! There's a huge screen on the front of the fridge and it has apps (applications) so you can tweet." Actress/singer Vanessa Williams is helping busy mums keep up to date with their social networking sites by teaming up with Samsung to unveil its first Lcd refrigerator.

29th June 2011

Fact: Actress America Ferrera exchanged vows with her husband at Ugly Betty co-star Vanessa Williams' New York home. Other celebrity guests included Rebecca Romijn, who also starred in the popular TV show, and Blake Lively, her pal from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

27th January 2011

Quote: "This one... Carmen, she had a tuck that was unbelievable. I couldn't find out where the stuff was; it was crazy. All I saw was some silver gaffers tape and it was gone. It's phenomenal." Vanessa Williams was left stunned by one drag queen's ability to look totally feminine while judging reality TV show Ru Paul's Drag Race.

30th September 2010

Quote: "I have a trainer in New York and I have a trainer in L.A.... and I have a food delivery service. You have to work for your body, especially at 40 plus (years old)." Actress Vanessa Williams works hard at keeping fit at age 47.

25th July 2010

Quote: "She loves the gays and they love her." Actress/singer Vanessa Williams gets the seal of approval from her former UGLY BETTY co-star and gay comedian Alec Mapa.

8th May 2010

Fact: Actresses Vanessa Williams, Jane Seymour and Cybill Shepherd teamed fashion with family for a Mother's Day mum-and-daughter style show at Radio City Music Hall in New York on Friday (07May10). The fashion show was part of a special on U.S. TV show OPRAH.

3rd February 2010

Fact: Vanessa Williams' actor brother Chris Williams is set for a gender-bending role on her U.S. TV comedy UGLY BETTY - he will dress up in drag in a spoof of her fashion editor character Wilhelmina in an upcoming episode of the show.

21st September 2009

Fact: Emmy nominees Amy Poehler, Jane Krakowski, Elizabeth Perkins, Kristen Wiig and Vanessa Williams were eyeing the prize for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy before Kristin Chenoweth took home the award on Sunday (20Sep09). The ladies donned eye patches, opera glasses and goofy spectacles as their names were called before Chenoweth won for PUSHING DAISIES.

23rd August 2009

Fact: Photo negatives featuring the nude shots that cost Vanessa Williams her Miss America crown are going under the hammer on auction website, with a starting bid set at $200,000 (£134,000). The Ugly Betty actress was dethroned after the snaps were printed in Penthouse magazine in 1984.

23rd July 2009

Quote: "You don't want your friends picking up your phone and going, 'Oh, Vanessa Williams... 'Hi Vanessa!' So I put her in as V-Dub. That's what I call her." UGLY BETTY actor Michael Urie reveals his secret moniker for co-star VANESSA WILLIAMS' entry in his cell phone's contact list.

24th June 2009

Quote: "Some people are Botox junkies. You see them and think, 'What has happened? Is that really you?' They have had so much Botox and filler that they can't even move their face and they don't look like themselves. I don't know how anyone can become so detached from what they see in the mirror." UGLY BETTY star Vanessa Williams vows to limit her use of wrinkle-freezing injections.

15th June 2009

Fact: Actress Vanessa Williams is using her fashion sense to raise money for disadvantaged women who cannot afford professional attire for the workplace. The Botox Cosmetic: Express Success charity drive will help poor women get further in corporate divisions.

21st May 2009

Quote: "Miley is fantastic. She is one of those superstar kids. She is a true talent. She's got a tremendous voice. She's got a really funny personality and a talent as an actress. I think we'll see her for a long time." UGLY BETTY star Vanessa Williams is full of praise for her HANNAH MONTANA: THE MOVIE co-star Miley Cyrus.

18th September 2008

Quote: "The first few days, your nipples get chewed off. Because they are so sore, one of the best reliefs is taking a (black) tea bag and putting (it on) as a compress. The tannin (in the tea) really soothes the breast." Vanessa Williams gives her UGLY BETTY co-star and mum-to-be Rebecca Romijn some advice on breast-feeding.

18th August 2008

Quote: "As an actress, you have to have movement in your face. So I'm very light on the juice." Actress Vanessa Williams, 45, admits she's a fan of Botox injections.

12th January 2008

Quote: "When I started dating RICK, I couldn't get my head around the fact that he is six years younger than me. I finally relaxed and said, `OK, obviously he's into me. He's not into a number'." Singer/actress Vanessa Williams on her romance with retired basketball star Rick Fox. They were married for six years before divorcing in 2005.

18th September 2007

Quote: "One of the producers said, 'We've got this idea, how do you feel about having RICK play your bodyguard?' I said sure, I'll give him a call.' He said, 'Well, you're going to have to sleep with him,' and I said, 'That's OK, we've done that before!'" UGLY BETTY star Vanessa Williams on plans to ask her ex-husband Rick Fox to play her love interest on the show.

7th August 2007

Fact: Basketball star-turned-actor Rick Fox will play his ex-wife Vanessa Williams' bodyguard in an upcoming episode of sitcom UGLY BETTY.

28th January 2007

Quote: "I love my two exes because they were great guys. In terms of husbands, that might have been a different story, but in terms of guys, they're wonderful." Singer/actress Vanessa Williams is still great friends with ex-husbands Rick Fox and RAMON HERVEY.

25th January 2007

Quote: "I did it after I turned 40, but I told the doctor, 'My face has got to move. I am not looking for perfection, I am looking for refreshment.'" Vanessa Williams on her Botox injections.

30th October 2006

Quote: "You have to get rid of the issues. Luckily, nothing's been devastating... I married two guys that are great guys, they just didn't want to be married." Actress/singer Vanessa Williams is pleased she kept her divorces amicable.

29th May 2006

Fact: Actresses Meryl Streep, Vanessa Williams, Helen Hunt and Kate Winslet are reaching out to teenage girls struggling with body image problems by penning essays for author WILLA SHALIT's new girl power book BECOMING MYSELF.

5th December 2005

Fact: <p>Jennifer Lopez will make her debut as a TV series producer early next year (06) - her new surf soap, SOUTH BEACH, premieres on 11 January. The show stars Vanessa Williams and follows the exploits of two Brooklyn, New York, teenagers who move to Florida. </p>

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