Former BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star Vanessa Marcil is preparing to undergo painful laser surgery to remove a large tribal tattoo from the small of her back.

The 35-year-old actress, ex-wife of Corey Feldman, now regrets the oversized ink design on her body, and she's now ready to part with it.

She says, "I have two tattoos. One of 'em is on my ankle, which I love, and the other one I have is Egyptian tribal. It means 'love and peace in the universe'. Mostly, it means 'drunk and 18'.

"Actually, I hate it, it's huge. I'm like a Hell's Angels chick. I don't know what I was thinking. So I'm gonna get it lasered off. It's on the small of my back."

24/05/2005 02:42