Vanessa Kirby was "exhilarated" filming a birth scene for 'Pieces of a Woman'.

The 32-year-old actress leads the cast of the drama as Martha Weiss, a woman who tragically loses her baby during a home birth and she has revealed that the 23-minute one-shot sequence of the labour and delivery was the "best film experience" of her life.

Vanessa explained: "The actual filming of it was just exhilarating. It was the best film experience of my life."

The 'Hobbs & Shaw' actress explained how her co-stars Shia LaBeouf and Ellen Burstyn knew how demanding the scene would be.

Vanessa said: "We did four takes the first day and two the second day. I think Kornel (Mundruczo, director) used the fourth one.

"It was like doing a play. Shia is also a real theatre animal, so is Ellen, and we all understood what it would require. It was exciting setting up, preparing and then launching into it freefall."

Kirby revealed that the crew would blast out music after filming the heavy scenes to "clear what had happened".

She said: "We would blast music around the house and dance around the house just to clear what had happened. By the end of it, your psyche doesn't know any different and you feel like you actually went through this."

Vanessa felt that she had a "responsibility" for the women who have been through similar traumatic experiences to do the scene justice.

She told Variety: "How demanding it was on paper, and the idea of knowing that I would need to understand, and go into the psychology of that level of grief, while trying to honour all of the women that I spoke to, and that went through similar things, it felt like a responsibility."