Vanessa Hudgens is working on new music.

The 'High School Musical' star promised fans a ''surprise taste'' of some new tracks soon.

Asked by AOL Entertainment if she is working on new songs, she said: ''I actually am. You'll get a little surprise taste soon ... Acting has always been my number one passion. Singing is a close second, but acting has always been my main focus.''

It comes after Vanessa admitted Broadway can ''make you feel a little crazy'' following her stint in the lead role in the musical 'Gigi'.

She said: ''I've never worked this hard before in my life ... It's a lot of work, doing the same thing over and again, it makes you feel a little crazy at times ... But everyone has been so warm, so welcoming. My cast is like my family. I lean on them, I love them.

''But it's so much fun. Whenever I have my day off, I look forward to coming back to the stage and doing it again.''

And Vanessa feels being a Broadway star is a ''hustle''.

She added: ''I'm realising now that being on Broadway is like being an athlete. You have to take such good care of yourself, your body, your vocal chords, just everything because it's tough. It's definitely a hustle.

''It's such an iconic part and it's such a powerful part as well. I think that it's a role that women, as well as young women, need in this day and age. I think it's going to be really empowering. I've got some really good footsteps to follow behind. I'm just so excited. I love this part and I love this play so much ... I love theatre and I love musicals. I feel like this is where I feel most comfortable.''