Vanessa Hudgens says Victoria Beckham is her "inspiration".

The 'Beastly' star is keen to follow in the footsteps of the former Spice Girl by creating her own fashion line, which is both popular and critically acclaimed.

She said: "Victoria Beckham is someone I take inspiration from. Also Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They have such an amazing fearlessness of fashion and that's why their lien is so incredible. I hope to be the same."

However, Vanessa, 22, says she is no hurry to bring out the range as she wants to take her time on it.

She said: "It's something I'm thinking about doing - it'll be very 60s and 70s with lots of embroidery and beadwork. I'm figuring out if I want to do it with someone or on my own. There's no rush, so I want to make sure it has the perfect home."

Talking about her own style she told LOOK magazine: There's the work Vanessa, who is professional, then the everyday Vanessa, who is more bohemian. I love wearing lots of rings, because they're so much fun."