Vanessa Hudgens won't return to music despite appearing on 'The Masked Singer'.

The 35-year-old actress - who rose to fame in 'High School Musical' - released her debut solo album 'V' in 2006 before following up with 'Identified' two years later, and fans are wondering if more songs could be on the way after she won the US version of the hit singing competition as Goldfish.

Asked if she could return to music, Vanessa told Billboard magazine: "No. I always say life is about priorities, and that is not a priority right now.

"I feel like it’s something I will always have in my back pocket."

Even though it's not something she's looking to pursue again, she was delighted to have a "music moment" for herself and her fans.

She explained: "I think I got to give myself the music moment I was hoping for and in turn my supportive fans got to enjoy it as well.

"I got to show up every day and put my best foot forward, and I was so uplifted and supported by such an amazing team over there and I got to work on my voice every day with someone who helped me expand my horizons."

Her decision to go on the show was inspired by fans still calling for her to work on more music as her acting career has blossomed.

She said: "This opportunity came up at a really interesting time when we [actors] were on strike and this was a category I could actually work in and my fans had been asking for more music, more singing, anything of that sort.

"I was like, 'This would be a really fun and interesting opportunity to give my fans what they want and see who the real ones are.' "

Vanessa revisited her roots on the show with a performance of 'Baby Come Back', which she sampled in her debut single 'Come Back To Me' 18 years ago.

She also gave a nod to her past with a rendition of 'High School Musical: The Musical: The Series' star Olivia Rodrigo's hit 'Vampire'.

She added: "I just think she’s really great and I really vibe with her.

"It’s always great to support a fellow Filipina, and it was just a cute, cheeky nod to how things always end up being connected."