Californian hard rock band Van Halen has cancelled over thirty live shows for reasons so far unknown.The tour included performances in Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, Salt Lake City and El Paso but so far no explanation has been issued regarding rescheduling, refunds or even reasons. Representatives of Live Nation, who promote the shows, and of the band itself have declined to comment but a source told Rolling Stone magazine that the band aren't getting along with each other and that they 'hate each other'.
The band, indeed, do not have the most harmonious history. In 1985, the original lead singer, David Lee Roth, left the group after a disagreement with the founder and guitarist EDDIE VAN HALEN regarding Eddie's alleged drug use and his playing music outside of the band without informing them. The fact that this is the third time Van Halen have reunited with Roth (Roth was initially replaced by Sammy Hagar and then, briefly, Gary Cherone) could be the reason for the abrupt cancellation.
It is not the first time Van Halen has had to postpone shows. Between 2007 and 2008, several gigs were cancelled but were rescheduled in the end - incidentally, this was also during a reunion tour with Roth.One thing's for sure, they certainly haven't cancelled through lack of ticket sales. 'It's selling pretty good', a source from the Uncasville, Connecticut venue where the band were meant to play on July 7th told Rolling Stone. 'I don't know why they would say it's being cancelled'. Other sources suggest that many of the shows were nearly sold out.