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13th November 2014

Fact: Val Kilmer's actor son Jack has joined Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in period detective movie Nice Guys. He'll team up with his Palo Alto co-star Margaret Qualley in the film, which also features Matt Bomer and Kim Basinger.

29th April 2014

Tweet: "Just right Com. Silver. Surprised and delighted the actions of Nba were so complete. Commissioner Silver for Commissioner of Congress!" Actor Val Kilmer applauds National Basketball Association commissioner Adam Silver for handing Los Angeles Clippers boss Donald Sterling a lifetime ban and a $2.5 million (£1.6 million) fine for racially-charged remarks he made to a girlfriend in leaked audio footage, which went viral over the weekend (26Apr14).

31st October 2013

Tweet: "I once tickled Lou Reed. I regretted it for the longest while as he spoke to me few times after that dinner. But I'm glad now. He needed it." Val Kilmer remembers an embarrassing encounter with rocker Lou Reed, who died on Sunday (27Oct13).

1st August 2013

Quote: "I was 25 when I played Iceman, and I still get recognised for that character a lot... It's flattering. I have happy memories of Top Gun. It's fun to see my younger self." Val Kilmer on his high-flying memories of making Top Gun with Tom Cruise.

21st May 2013

Tweet: "Ray loved his band. I only got to sing with him once. No one played the organ like that guy - a true original and will be missed by millions." Actor Val Kilmer adds his tribute to The Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek following his death on Monday (20May13) after a secret battle with cancer. Kilmer portrayed Jim Morrison opposite Kyle MACLachlan as Manzarek in Oliver Stone's 1991 film The Doors.

17th November 2012

Fact: Val Kilmer was honoured for his movie career by the Dallas Film Society at a gala in Texas on Friday night (16Nov12). The Top Gun star was the guest of honour at The Art of Film charity event, held at the Hall of State building in Dallas.

16th May 2011

Quote: "I got pregnant in this movie for everyone to give me a break." Actress Hilary Duff on carrying Val Kilmer's baby in new movie Bloodworth.

2nd July 2009

Quote: "Man, Val Kilmer is so fake stoned in The Doors. Like a dude who's never ever been stoned before. Definitely lame." Pete Wentz isn't impressed with VAL KILMER's portrayal of marijuana-smoking late rocker Jim Morrison in 1991 movie THE DOORS.

19th February 2008

Fact: Cult 1980s series Knight Rider drove back to the small screen in style on Sunday night (17Feb08), becoming the biggest TV movie for almost three years. The two-hour film, featuring a crimefighting, talking car with Val Kilmer's voice, was the night's big winner, prompting TV bosses to consider reviving the Knight Rider franchise.

15th January 2008

Fact: America's love for the Wild West is still evident - a new allstar TV mini-series, COMMANCHE MOON, is a big hit. The series, featuring Val Kilmer, Steve Zahn and Rachel Griffiths, lured almost 16 million viewers when it premiered on Sunday night (13Jan08), making it the most-watched made-for-TV movie or miniseries project for two years.

28th December 2007

Quote: "I said, 'What's it like having a tattoo?' He said, 'Imagine waking up in the same T-shirt for 20 years.' So I never did it." Val Kilmer was talked out of getting a tattoo by a man with an image of a pin-up girl on his arm.

20th December 2006

Fact: Movie star Val Kilmer is adding to his resume of real-life film characters after signing on to play beloved US writer MARK TWAIN in a new movie. Kilmer has portrayed Jim Morrison, porn star JOHN HOLMES and DOC HOLLIDAY on the big screen and he's also reported to be playing rocker David Lee Roth in upcoming Motley Crue biopic THE DIRT.

19th December 2006

Quote: "There are rattlesnakes and wild animals. My gardener... if he takes a nature walk, he might get eaten by a mountain lion." Val Kilmer on the downside of living on a 6,000-acre ranch in New Mexico.

15th December 2006

Quote: "I'm not a bad guy. I'm very boring. I've never been in a fist-fight in my whole life." Val Kilmer is baffled by his reputation as a Hollywood troublemaker.

14th December 2006

Quote: "I want to look like Hugh Grant. I am sure my career has suffered from my lack of style. I am going to call Hugh as soon as possible and find out where he shops." Val Kilmer is desperate to share the Notting Hill star's style secrets.

22nd November 2006

Quote: "I think what I'm trying to say is I've fallen for Tony Scott. I wish he wasn't married." Val Kilmer is a huge fan of his DEJA VU director.

6th November 2006

Quote: "I'm all that's left from THE ISLAND OF DR MOREAU." Val Kilmer ponders his own mortality following the deaths of his The Island of Dr Moreau co-stars Marlon Brando and NELSON DE LA ROSA.

2nd June 2006

Fact: Val Kilmer is determined to give The Saint another try - even though he was critically mauled as SIMON TEMPLAR in 1997. The movie star is reportedly in negotiations to reprise his role as Templar, according to website

4th May 2006

Fact: TWIN PEAKS star Kyle MacLachlan beat out competition from Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and David Bowie to land the lead role in 1984 sci-fi epic DUNE.

25th April 2006

Fact: Movie star Val Kilmer has signed on as the new face of sunglasses firm Serengeti Eyewear.

8th December 2005

Quote: <p>"At Cannes (Film Festival) this year (05), it was kind of embarrassing. There was a standing ovation for minutes... After a while I thought, 'This can't be just for the film, they must be happy that ROBERT's (DOWNEY JR) not dead.'" Val Kilmer was surprised by the reaction to his new comedy Kiss Kiss, BANG BANG, in which he stars alongside reforming drug addict Robert Downey Jr. </p>

8th December 2005

Quote: <p>"The Irish boys were so wild that OLIVER (STONE) told them to calm down. I mean, what kind of behaviour must it be to have Oliver Stone tell you to calm down?" Val Kilmer reveals Colin Farrell and his pals were warned about bad behaviour on the ALEXANDER set. </p>

8th December 2005

Quote: <p>"Paris Hilton was great. I'd ask, 'How are you?' and she'd say, 'I'm hot.' I thought she was acting but now I realise that's how she talks." Val Kilmer remembers working with his Wonderland co-star. </p>

8th November 2005

Fact: <p>Val Kilmer and Alicia Silverstone will play unlikely homeless lovers in new psychological thriller MOSCOW ZERO. </p>

23rd October 2005

Fact: <p>Val Kilmer's son is planning to go trick or treating on Hallowe'en (31OCT05) dressed as US domestic diva Martha Stewart, while the actor's daughter hopes to step out as US PRESIDENT George W Bush. </p>

23rd October 2005

Quote: <p>"He seemed like an a**hole... His breath stank of alcohol... He was as drunk as a wheelbarrow and mean. I was traumatised." Recovering drug addict Robert Downey Jr jokes about his first encounter with Kiss Kiss, BANG BANG co-star Val Kilmer a decade ago. </p>

21st October 2005

Quote: <p>"I think there's 42 shower scenes in that movie. There's one girl and a lot of slapping." Val Kilmer jokes that Top Gun is a gay movie. </p>

20th October 2005

Quote: <p>"I've even got a good title - DOG FIGHT. Isn't that a good title?" Val Kilmer insists he's keen to make a sequel to Top Gun. </p>

20th October 2005

Fact: <p>Eccentric Val Kilmer was so hungry when he arrived at his Kiss Kiss, BANG BANG premiere in Hollywood on Tuesday night (18OCT05) he stepped out of his limousine and promptly crossed the street to get a slice of pizza - to the amazement of gathered fans. </p>

19th October 2005

Quote: <p>"Colin is not a giver. Robert's a giver." Val Kilmer insists Robert Downey Jr is a better kisser than Colin Farrell. </p>

12th September 2005

Quote: <p>"The only other man I've ever kissed was Colin Farrell in ALEXANDER - and ROBERT's better." Val Kilmer credits his Kiss Kiss, BANG BANG co-star Robert Downey Jr with having good lips. </p>

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