There have been many theories postulated as to how Breaking Bad’s lore carried on beyond the show’s final episode, but none have starred Val Kilmer and Slash as U.S. marshals. This is as good a time as any to warn you about the spoilers you’re about to read.

Val KilmerVal Kilmer - in a Breaking Bad sequel? [Getty/Ben Kropa]

Lawrence Shepherd is currently taking donations on Kickstarter for a stand-alone Breaking Bad sequel called Anastasia – a show that sees Kilmer and Slash “as an elite US Marshals team, that tracks down the most elusive and dangerous fugitives that are on the run.” 

Shephard in the accompanying video: “I haven’t liked the writing in a lot of my favourite shows and movies,” which he’s why he’s set about writing his own.  “We are grabbing our boards, and riding the wave Breaking Bad created. But in doing that, we are creating our own wave, and Breaking Bad is invited to ride along with us.” he adds. 

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Call me a pessimist, but I’d suggest Sony and Vince Gilligan would have no interest in moving the Breaking Bad story on with Shephard’s vision, even if it may just be the most brilliant thing to ever hit Kickstarter. What’s more, Gilligan ‘n’ co have enough on their hands with the BB spin-off, ‘Better Call Saul’, which is due to hit screens at some point in 2015 having already been delayed and renewed for a second season.

SLashSlash, performing at the Super Bowl [Getty/Robert Martinez]

With $500 collected at the time of writing, ‘Anastasia’ might become the potato salad of the TV world and hit a ridiculous amount of money – maybe even enough to coax Val Kilmer and Slash into something they’ll probably regret for the rest of their lives. We’ll leave you with our favourite quote from the video:

“To me, Anastasia is a restaurant. And if you don’t have good food in a restaurant, forget it. I don’t care what the ambience is, the location, the service – you’re gonna die. And our actors are the food.”