V V Brown Returns With New Album 'Samson & Delilah' Out October 8th 2013 In The Us

V V Brown Returns With New Album 'Samson & Delilah' Out October 8th 2013 In The Us

Vanessa "V V" Brown announces her return to music with details of her forthcoming highly anticipated second studio album Samson & Delilah, out October 8 in the US on YOY Records. Not only is V V Brown back, but she's added something new to her resume: she can be labeled a singer, songwriter, producer and now a record label owner.

Having already achieved over 1 million worldwide single sales of "Shark in the Water" from her critically acclaimed debut album Travelling Like the Light, V V has initiated a new direction and chapter for her new album.  She has returned with a edgier, darker sound, co-produced by Mercury Award winning producer Dave Okumu.

There is a key moment when talking to V V Brown about her new album, Samson & Delilah, that tells you exactly where V V is coming from, and precisely what she is intent on achieving. The first lyric she wrote after stepping back into the studio to work on the new record sums it up. "Take me as I am," she sings on "Warrior" (which appears on the deluxe edition of the digital album); "No one does it better / All I want to do is lie here in the sand / And learn the art of patience / The freedom to believe it / Take me as I am / My master of my plan." It proves a prophetic manifesto. Over the course of Samson & Delilah's 11 tracks, the artist once synonymous with bright colors - and equally bright pop - comprehensively confounds our perceptions and expectations of her.

"Substitute for Love," the album's opening track, sets down a marker for what follows. V V's extraordinarily operatic vocal is the first surprise; but so, too, is the sonic world the song creates, where V V's voice is just one texture among many, all working in the service of a rich and complex - and incredibly dark - sonic palette. Listen to the dark-as-night electronica of songs such as the sinister, sepulchral "Knife", or the shimmering, LCD Soundsystem-like "Faith," or the defiant, propulsive follow-up single "The Apple," and you know that  Samson & Delilah is the pure truth.

With the release of Samson & Delilah on October 8thvia YOY Records, V V Brown will return to the US with new live dates this Fall.

Samson & Delilah LP Tracklisting
1. Substitute For Love
2. Nothing Really Matters
3. Samson
4. I Can Give You More
5. Igneous
6. Looking For Love
7. The Apple
8. Faith
9. Ghosts
10. Knife
11. Beginning