LATEST: German director Uwe Boll has named the five movie critics he will box against and film for his next movie POSTAL. The film-maker challenged journalists to a physical contest after they criticised his movie BLOODRAYNE, which stars SIR Ben Kingsley and KRISTIANNA LOKEN. Fifteen critics applied to fight Boll, a list he has reduced to five, four of whom will be flown to Vancouver, Canada, for the bouts on 23 September (06). He will take on Spaniard CARLOS PALENCIA JIMENEZ-ARGUELLO in Malaga Spain. Boll says, "This will be like a real boxing event. I will try to knock everybody out. "To do four people in one evening is already superhard. "Even if the people cannot box, if it is only people who want to kick my a*s, that is hard to do if I have to do it four times in a row." The four other critics will be CHRIS ALEXANDER, RICHARD KYANKA, JEFF SNEIDER and 17-year-old critic - and amateur boxer - NELSON CHANCE MINTNER. Boll also challenged directors Roger Avary, after he criticised his movies, and Quentin Tarantino after the Pulp Fiction film maker claimed he could beat him up in an interview - but both failed to respond to the challenge.