R+B star Usher's record label will release its first material next month (NOV05) - three Yeah?rs after its foundation.

The film soundtrack to romantic comedy IN THE MIX, which features the YEAH! hitmaker starring alongside Chazz Palminteri and Emmanuelle Chriqui, marks US Records formal debut.

It has taken so long for Usher to launch the label because he has been nurturing his signed artists.

BMG North America chairman CLIVE DAVIS says, "(Usher's) priorities were finding the right artists and then waiting until he strongly believed they were ready."

The In The Mix soundtrack will act as a sounding board for the US Records roster of acts including rapper RICO LOVE, R+B group One Chance and solo singer RAYAN.

Usher, who is credited as writer/producer on the project, only contributes one song, saying, "I didn't want to take all the light. (US acts) can hold their own. They don't need me on all their songs."