Police have launched an investigation into the tragic accident, which has left Usher's stepson brain dead. New York Daily News have reported that a family friend has been named as the person who allegedly struck 11 year-old Kyle Glover with the jet ski. Sgt. Mike Burgamy, of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources told the press "Basically, a pontoon was pulling two juveniles on an inner tube, and the watercraft ran over the top of them." The driver of the watercraft is named as Jeffrey S. Hubbard.
The sergeant added that alcohol is not thought to have been a factor in the accident and the report from New York Daily News confirmed that both Kyle and a 15 year-old girls who was also a victim of the accident, were both wearing lifejackets. It is not thought that there was a mechanical malfunction. The girl's face was submerged under water when she was pulled from the water. Kyle's face remained above water the entire time, so partial drowning was not one of his injuries. "One minute the jet ski was running around, the next he ran over the top of them. It happened that quickly," said Sgt. Burgamy. "It appears the watercraft did strike both juveniles, with the male taking the brunt of the force."
He was, however, unable to comment on potential charges that may be faced by Hubbard. "It depends on the male's condition. With certain things we have to wait and see. Once we gather all our info, we'll talk to the District Attorney and discuss it with them to decide what action to take."