Usher has apparently found himself down more than half a million after burglars broke into his home, stealing money, jewellery and the security footage while the Los Angeles property was empty. The alarm was first raised by the housekeeps, with the singer later being informed by his ex.

Usher at the world premiere of 'Black Panther'Usher at the world premiere of 'Black Panther'

The house is currently on the market and has been since they announced their separation in early March. It's thought that thieves broke in after open house hours. The singer's ex, Grace Miguel, reported the theft to the LAPD after the housekeeper informed her of suspicious evidence left around the house.

On March 29th 2018, the housekeeper reported that she 'discovered a footprint on the second floor, a handprint on the pillow in the lower floor, and the curtains to the lower floor window were open' according to The Blast.

Apparently, robbers took $820,000's worth of jewellery and cash, including $20,000 on the nightstand; six watches, one of which was worth $220,000; and a rose gold necklace worth $200,000. It was Miguel who confirmed the missing items, as the housekeeper had initially assumed that the jewellery had been removed from the property by Usher himself.

The current theory is that the burglars opened a window during open house hours, broke in at night, and then returned later in the week for the security footage, the recording box being missing and the wires cut. That means the next course of action is to get a list of visitors from the realtor - though false names were likely to have been given.

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While the case is currently under investigation, it does look like it was a professional robbery. It's not uncommon for celebrities, especially in LA, to have their homes targeted, especially when they own multiple properties and travel a lot.