LATEST: British rockers Uriah Heep took over a German prison in Rottenburg on Thursday night (24Jul08) - to launch their first album in a decade.
The group performed for 500 inmates at the jail near Stuttgart, and declined a fee for the show, insisting it was their pleasure to be part of the odd gig.
The prison concert came on the eve of nearby Seebronn's Rock of Ages festival, which the Brits are headlining on Friday night (25Jul08).
Group leader Mick Box admits he enjoyed the unusual concert: "It's nice to be able to bring a little sun, a little joy into the lives of the inmates, even if it's just for an hour and a half."
The band also toured the prison and ate a meal cooked by inmate staff.
Singer Bernie Shaw adds, "The prison tour was very interesting. Also a good deterrent. It's good to see what goes on behind bars, it's good to see what happens if you cross the line."
And the band was thrilled to find a fan among the inmates - one prisoner had seen the band perform live 52 times on the outside before he was incarcerated.
Box says, "This guy, called Eric, is a huge fan. He's going to be out in two years, when we celebrate our 40th anniversary. Let's hope that can be his next gig."