Review of What Am I Fighting For? Single by Unklejam

What Am I Fighting For?
Single Review

Unklejam What Am I Fighting For? Single

My first impression of this was that it might be a cash in on the Gnarls Berkley phenomenon, as the vocals are very similar and the dance background is also similar…as a first impression.

Once the track become more established, and certainly after a few plays, I could hear a more 70’s disco and 60’s soul influence, that works well as a modern dance track and given a 21st century electronic sparkle, the backing track really stands out as catchy and very danceable. The vocals, well, yes they do sound similar to Gnarls Berkley, but I can’t deny that they work very well, with simple and catchy lyrics that stand up with some of the best in 60’s and 70’s soul and funk. There were no real b-sides to speak of, as track 2 was an original mix of the lead track (a radio edit) and track 3 was an instrumental, but that really appealed to me, as I could really pick up on the choppy funk guitar and even an 80’s sounding synth. Overall, this is a very good single and one that appeals to my tastes.

Gary Williams

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