A man has died after shooting himself in front of the Despicable Me ride at Universal Studio in Hollywood on Friday (3rd April). The Fire Service and paramedics rushed to the scene after hearing of an emergency at the Studios on Friday afternoon at approximately 2.24pm. No one else was injured in the incident.

Despicable Me
The shooting reportedly occurred outside the Despicable Me ride.

The incident reportedly occurred near the Despicable Me ride, according to The Wrap. The area was quickly cleared and the surrounding rides have been shut down.

The man in question was reportedly once in a relationship with a woman who works in a restaurant at the studio, according to NBC. Security was called by the employee after she spotted her ex-boyfriend in the park. This is not the first time the man had attempted to contact the employee whilst she was at work and he had two restraining orders filed against him after other incidents at the Studios.

"We know he and his girlfriend have been estranged since February," a representative for the Los Angeles Sheriff's department told the LA Times. "She had a restraining order against him, and today she saw him outside the restaurant and she alerted security."

A deputy in the park's security reportedly approached the man and requested he leave the premises. The man reportedly pulled a gun and fatally shot himself. The incident was sudden and the man's reaction unexpected.

"The deputy tried to talk him out of it, but after going back and forth for 30 seconds or so, he shot himself," the Sherriff's spokesperson said in a statement.

Universal Studios have since issued a statement in which they confirmed an incident had taken place:

"L.A. County sheriffs have confirmed there was a possible suicide on our property. We are working closely with law enforcement and corporate security on this ongoing investigation. The safety and security of our guests and employees is always of the utmost importance. Business remains open."