Review of Operated On EP by Union Of Knives

Union Of Knives
Operated On
EP Review

Union Of Knives Operated On EP

The 'Operated On EP' is a collection of four electronic pop songs from the Glasgow based trio Union Of Knives.

The opening song 'Infant eyes' is a danceable number with a cheesy synth line among soothing male vocals. Title track 'Operated On' is more of a barbaric electronic number with big drums and beautifully haunting vocals with a massive Thom Yorke tint, and 'Every Treasure' is another high-octane, dance themed mess. Finally, 'Taste For Harmony' opts for a mellower path, with gentle vocals among a sweet backdrop but the tacky drums spoil the affair.

Unfortunately the 'Operated On EP' lacks two major elements.quality & consistency. And whilst the vocals are reasonably effective, the electronic melodies are largely disappointing.boring, cheesy and incredibly overused. Add to that a barrage of 'in your face effects' and frantic & cheap drums, and this release quickly becomes an EP that could never be considered anything more than a disappointment. One to forget.

Colin Burrill

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