Review of Oblivion With Bells Album by Underworld

Oblivion With Bells
Album Review

Underworld Oblivion With Bells Album

Underworld are British electronic music duo Karl Hyde and Rick Smith have recorded since the late 1980s. They're back with a new album 'Oblivion With Bells'. Most will have heard of Underworld with single 'Born Slippy' that was propelled to fame through the film 'Trainspotting'. There's no denying they have a unique style that has given them respect in all areas of dance music.

This album has been described as Underworld with a twist. I was never a big fan of Underworld but I do like 'Oblivion With Bells'. To me it's original and has a provoking edge. You've got deep ethereal tracks like 'To Heal' that has depth and introspection. Tracks like 'Ring Road' have a deep message and a quirky vibe. Some may be put off by the style of vocal delivery but to me it shows character and I like the message. The same with 'Boy, Boy, Boy' that has grit and passion in its attitude. It all makes for an interesting and thought provoking experience.

There's no doubt there's depth and a lot of thought in this album. They are unashamedly themselves and that's no bad thing. It's best to be unique and say what you think how you want to say it. I was unexpectedly drawn to this album and I think it shows integrity and originality.

Tareck Ghoneim

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