Review of Something to die for Album by Undercut


Undercut - Something to die for - Album Review

Undercut - Something to die for - Album Review

Something to die for

Undercut definitely have a unique sound, I especially love how they’ll completely rock out and then the music will become more melodic and will become more concentrated on the vocals.

Released on July 11 th on distiller records, this Bristol based band were formed through meeting at dodgy open mic nights. I actually like this band, I didn’t think I would but I do.

They have the looks, the talent and the bottle to do something different to every other band out there at the minute.

From the album, their first single was “Soul Food Mother”. This is a really top tune with its brilliant drum roles and nifty guitar work!

Next up on the singles front, Undercut will release “to die for” on July 4 th.

Seems like everyone’s releasing stuff on this day – no doubt they’ll be competition for a top spot on the charts. This band are going to go far, I can feel it!!!! This song really has tender vocals and amazing soft guitar strings! Skip to this song on the album!!!

The vocals on all of the tracks are amazing too – Johnny Benn is such a good singer!! They are compelling and raw! Each guy has their own talent; however, all the roles they have produce sharp, dynamic pieces of class music and are still rock songs. There’s something about Undercut that make them more original and more emotive than anyone else at the minute!

Undercut have already been compared to the likes of U2, REM and Coldplay. To me I think they’re not obviously in the same league as yet – but hey will be…SOON!!!!!!!!

The guys have just done a gig in Kilburn at the Luminaire and don’t have anything else planned as yet. Earlier in the year they supported Cherryfalls on their nationwide tour where they unleashed songs from the new album.

To check the guys out visit their website at

Candice Finney