Things were going just fine as U2 took advantage of the Rogers Arena stage's runway during their Vancouver show on their Innocence and Experience tour. It was the first show of this new run of concerts, and it seems lead guitarist The Edge struggled to find his bearings as he tumbled off the edge.

The Edge on stage with U2 in DublinThe Edge takes a tumble on debut 'Innocence and Experience' show

Whilst 'The Edge' sounds like a cool and err... edgy nickname (sorry), it will forever be the cause of amusement for the rest of his bandmates, and indeed anyone who's seen the following footage. Thankfully, the musician did not sustain any injuries after his fall - which is just as well because he's got another 69 shows to do over the next few months.

Watch The Edge's fall off stage here:

U2 hit the stage at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver yesterday (May 14th 2015) in the first of seventy shows on their new tour supporting 2014 album 'Songs Of Innocence'; an album that was instantly available for free to more than 500 million iTunes users. 

Their last big tour (the U2 360° Tour) finished in 2011, so it's understandable that kicking off this new run would be a little nerve-racking. Indeed, The Edge was so distracted as he swayed along to the music strumming his guitar, that he plunged over the edge of the runway section of the stage feet first into the crowd with a resounding thunk. As staff and security rushed to his aid, it looked as if Bono continued singing - though with those infamous dark glasses, it's likely he didn't see anything. 

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The Edge has got to return to the same venue tonight (May 15th) for another show, so he's bound to be feeling a little on edge about it. He should probably stay away from the narrower walkways.

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I've written 'edge' so many times it doesn't even feel like a word anymore.