U2 scrapped and re-wrote a lot of their new album 'Songs of Experience' because Donald Trump's election rendered much of it irrelevant.

The group - made up of Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. - worked with new producer Andy Barlow on the record, and he admitted the new President of the United States caused a shift in songwriting for the band.

Speaking to Billboard, he explained: ''The album changed massively when Trump got elected. We pretty much had it in the bag and then the band came in the next day and went, 'We've got to change it. It's not relevant anymore.'

''So we spent another year on it. Some of the songs went by the wayside. We got some new songs in and a lot of the lyrics changed. Bono is pretty famous for leaving lyrics to the last possible minute before he commits to them, and even right up until mastering the lyrics were still changing.''

It didn't slow the 'With Or Without You' rockers down though, as the ''prolific'' band still had a selection of 60 songs to narrow down to 13 tracks, which would be included in the final version of the LP.