U2 are successful because of their "mysterious" relationships.

Guitarist The Edge believes the band - also consisting of frontman Bono, bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen Jr. - have survived almost 30 years in the music industry because they can anticipate each other's onstage antics like a rehearsed dance routine.

He said: "I'm acutely aware of what Adam, Larry and Bono are doing, whether or not we catch each other's eyes.

"It's like some part of dance. There's an element of which is much more mysterious, which is the way the magic happens to be working that night. And you're only a small part of that."

The Irish rockers are currently preparing to bring their '360 Degrees' tour to London's Wembley Stadium tomorrow (14.08.09) and Saturday (15.08.09).

Last month, the band's world tour was halted in Ireland by protesters angry about the noise levels of their shows.

The band had played three homecoming concerts at Croke Park Stadium, in Dublin, before vehicles carrying their stage equipment were barricaded in.

At the time, U2's tour manager Jake Berry said: "It affects the tour schedule. Read that anyway you want. It's really put a damp squib on something which was a fantastic experience and a fantastic show."