Muse find supporting U2 "grounding".

The 'Plug In Baby' rockers - who have won a string of awards for their spectacular live shows - think spending three weeks as opening act for the Irish megastars will be a humbling experience.

Singer Matt Bellamy said: "It's a grounding experience. It reminds you you're doing well, but not quite as well as them."

The trio have never matched their massive UK success in America but were delighted to sell out New York's Madison Square Garden in 2007, three years after they started performing in the US.

Bassist Chris Wolstenholme said: "We've always been a bit behind in America. The first two albums didn't count there."

Matt added to Rolling Stone magazine: "It's been a gradual building, and a pleasure comes with it. We didn't get there with any massive hit songs or a hit album, although they've done well. We don't owe anybody anything. It comes from putting on good shows and having a good connection with fans."