Bono reveals all about U2's latest album 'Songs of Experience' in an eloquent narrative entitled 'Liner Notes'; a short black and white film that explores the thoughts behind each of the songs that he wrote and the experiences that inspired them, including a brush with death.

Bono at the 40 Music AwardsBono at the 40 Music Awards

The U2 frontman speaks about everything from his mother's death to his summers the South of France, from the war in Syria to the changing climate of America in the Matt Mahurin produced film. Plus, of course, what it means to find true joy. But perhaps the most telling note in his narration was that about his near death experience.

'Last winter I was on the receiving end of a shock to the system', he said. 'A shock that left me clinging on to my own life like a raft. Now most of us have a brush with mortality at some stage. It's an arresting experience. I felt like I was being arrested. Facing a wall with my hands up over my head, the force screaming at me, 'Don't move!' I won't dwell in or on it, I don't want to name it.'

Regardless of his health scare, he assures that he couldn't be better these days. 'I feel fantastic now, stronger than ever', he continued. 'These songs have that impetus behind them and it would feel dishonest not to admit the turbulence I was feeling at the time of writing.'

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It isn't clear what exactly happened to Bono, he doesn't elaborate in the rest of the video, but his bandmates have previously confirmed the occurence of such an incident. Certainly he's had accidents before resulting in injury; such as spinal damage in 2010 while preparing for a tour, forcing him to undergo neurosurgery, as well as 2014 when he broke several bones in his arm after a bad bicycle accident.