Review of Vertigo Single by U2


U2 Vertigo single review

So U2, probably the worlds biggest rock band, return with their new single Vertigo and subsequent album How to dismantle an atomic bomb. Following their rather tepid last long player All That You Can't Leave Behind what have these aging Irish godfathers managed to concoct?

Well, the good news is, as rumors would have us believe there is a definite back to basics approach on How to dismantle an atomic bomb and this is evident on Vertigo .

Sounding more like a tune from the early albums Boy or

U2  Vertigo single review

War than say The Joshua Tree this visceral rampage through major rock chords is like a breath of fresh air.

Bono's vocal melody is along the lines of Vanilla Fudge's psychedelic classic You keep me hanging on and the pumping track is even introduced with a Rock and Roll style count in even if it is in Portuguese.

Catchy, rocking and full of melody this single gives me the feeling that the album is going to be something worth waiting for. Still managing to put the feeling of intense G-Force into their records U2 have had their ups and downs over their long career. What Vertigo suggests is that How to dismantle an atomic bomb may be what U2 fans have craved for years now, a great rock album from one of the best loved band of our times.

Vertigo is taken from the band's 11th studio album How to dismantle an atomic bomb , which will be released on November 22 nd