A U.S. reality TV stylist has revealed her 10-year-old son's father is model/actor Tyson Beckford.
April Roomer has become a hit on TV show Candy Girls and her sudden fame has brought questions about her son, Jordan.
The stylist has revealed her kid is the product of a romance with Beckford.
She tells America's In Touch magazine, "Ive never talked about Tyson... (He's just) daddy, thats Tyson, not supermodel Tyson."
Roomer, who has styled stars like Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, reveals she met Beckford when she was working as a waitress in a Los Angeles restaurant, and the pair began a torrid romance.
She credits Beckford for standing by her when she discovered she was pregnant with his son, and admits neither of them wanted to wed.
She adds, "We were on and off for years after Jordan was born. Being on different coasts and so busy with our careers, the timing wasnt right... Maybe later, down the line, well get it together and figure it out.
"Tysons been very supportive of my career. Were still friends and good parents, which is most important."