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Tyrese One Single

Tyrese returns with the jaw dropping silky smooth "One" this is the kind of stunning slow jam that has become the Tyrese trade mark co-penned and produced with the amazing Underdogs, this is quit simply one of the finest slow jams you will here period.

Tyrese delivers vocally on a song that just takes your breath away, telling the story of how the man only needs one woman in his life and how he has met the woman of his dreams and he is now totally commited to one woman.

The production from Underdogs shows how they really are Big Dogs in the R&B production world. Sadly, because it's a ballad, it will probably only be hit within the confines of the US of A.

But how I wish UK radio supported these kinds of tracks more so we could actually get some quality into our charts. But this will probably never see the light of day in the UK and that is just tragic.

Real Urban Appeal 5/5 Hit Appeal - US 5/5 - UK 2/5

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