Its not just homophobia that’s been found in Tyler’s lyrics, he’s also been accused of sexism, namely for the song ‘Goblin’. In June 2013 member of feminist group Collective Shout, Tabitha Stone questioned the rappers misogynistic lyrics and called for his Australian shows to be cancelled. They weren’t. Instead Tyler performed and launched an explicit attack on Stone who was in the audience but luckily went unnoticed. She later described her experience saying, "I was petrified. I was standing among the crowd of people who were chanting along with threats towards me." The incident was allegedly reportedly to the police afterwards. Also in 2013 Tyler had the advert he had made with Mountain Dew pulled over allegations of racism and making light of violence towards women. He would later say that the advert was ‘never meant to be taken seriously’.

Tyler the Creator on stageTyler The Creator on stage

Tyler’s first real run in with the law happened in May 2011, when he was arrested for disturbing the peace after a show in Los Angeles. He later addressed the incident on Twitter with a foul mouthed tirade against the Los Angeles police. He then found himself on the wrong side of the law again a few months later when he was arrested on vandalism charges after a concert at LA’s Roxy Theatre. The accusation was that he'd damaged a soundboard - the LA County Sheriff's office said he was arrested and released on $20,000 bail. He, however, denied the incident on twitter.

Tyler found himself back in the headlines in June 2013 when he admitted to being the one behind the wheel when Justin Bieber’s car speeded through his exclusive gated community, much to the neighbour's dismay. Tyler took responsibility for the incident which had footballer player Keyshawn Johnson complaining about the reckless antics.

That brings us to the weekend, where Tyler found himself in the headlines once again and under arrest. The rapper was arrested at Austin-Bergstrom Airport after being accused of inciting a riot during his set at the SXSW festival. He allegedly encouraged fans to push past security to get into the already over capacity venue, leading to a chant of ‘push, push’. He later said on twitter "I don't want to cause any trouble, some are making me out to be a bad guy, so I'm not doing any shows tonight. Be safe, have fun.” His bail was said to be set at $3,500.

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So what’s one more arrested for Tyler in his controversial career so far? Probably not too much of a big deal. The rapper has so far built a career of courting controversy and it's paid off. After all the music business has always had its fair share of colourful, controversial characters. But maybe Tyler’s recent upset will cause him to think a little more before he speaks, especially when he has thousands of fans hanging on his every word.

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