'Truth or Dare' is the upcoming horror movie that takes the popular game that all young adults have played at some point in their lives, and turns it into a struggle to stay alive. When a supernatural force ensures that all dares are played out, with devastating consequences for those who refuse them, and forces players to tell the whole truth and nothing but, a bunch of youngsters face the most terrifying time of their lives.

Tyler Posey had a great time filming new horror 'Truth or Dare'Tyler Posey had a great time filming new horror 'Truth or Dare'

Jason Blum serves as producer on the flick through Blumhouse Productions, working alongside an all-star cast including former 'Teen Wolf' actor Tyler Posey, and former 'Pretty Little Liars' lead Lucy Hale. At a time when the horror genre is seeing a real resurgence within the film industry, this could be a great opportunity for Blumhouse Productions to see another major hit, following their work on 'Get Out', 'Sinister', and 'The Purge'.

Recognising that those are some big shoes to fill, but enjoying the challenge, Posey has been opening up about working with Blumhouse, and what it's been like for him behind-the-scenes.

Speaking with Collider, the actor said of his experience shooting the movie: "I love that type of atmosphere, where it’s just non-stop work and you’re getting your ass kicked. That, to me, is the most rewarding thing in acting. Sometimes I don’t feel like I work hard enough, as an actor, so when I’m doing a crazy shoot like that, where the hours of sleep are low and you’re on set for more of the day than you’re not, I just love that atmosphere. I think it’s really fun. I love the way Blumhouse does it. I would be down to shoot Blumhouse movies, for the rest of my life. When you rush like that, it keeps the intensity high and you don’t have time to really think things through or relax. I think that’s the best way to do it."

Posey isn't the first actor to say how great it is to work with Blumhouse Productions, so to hear that his experience has been such a good one is great news for horror fans. Bringing a work environment together that's a hugely enjoyable one for the talent - especially in today's Hollywood climate - is essential to ensuring that great movies can be put together. We can't wait to see the results of all of the hard work!

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'Truth or Dare' comes to cinemas across the UK this Friday, April 13, 2018.