Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider has become embroiled in a bitter Twitter feud with former Whitesnake star Doug Aldrich.

Snider poked fun at the guitarist's tenure with the classic rock band in a series of posts on the social networking website, and suggested Aldrich's contribution to the band was irrelevant, writing, "Question: What Whitesnake album of importance did @Douglas_Aldrich play on? I'm just sayin'... I'm tired of musicians who joined famous bands after their heyday claiming they are from those bands. They had nothing to do with success!"

Aldrich, who played with Whitesnake from 2002 until last year (14), responded by branding Snider a "jacka**".

He wrote in a reply to Snider, "Dude I just did my best to keep the band moving forward. Was blessed to compose 30 tunes. You are a total #jackass though Haha!"