Twisted Sister star Dee Snider has revealed he's the songwriter behind Celine Dion's festive tune The Magic Of Christmas Day - and even she didn't know his identity when she recorded the track.

Snider reveals he wrote and recorded the song he titled God Bless Us Everyone as a Christmas gift to his wife and was stunned when he learned Dion wanted to record it for her 1998 album These Are Special Times.

He urged song brokers not to reveal his identity, because he feared Dion would change her mind if she discovered the man behind the tune was more Satanic rocker than Santa Claus.

He tells the Talk is Jericho podcast, "The first thing I said was, 'Does she know who wrote it...? Do not tell her Satan wrote a Christmas song! Seriously, dude, just put it on the frigging album.'"

Dion's production team changed the title to The Magic of Christmas Day, and asked Snider's people if he minded.

He adds, "(I said), 'I don't care if she calls it This Song Is A Pile of Dog S**t, just put it on her album!'"

The album was a hit and Snider made a fortune from his contribution: "Eight million copies later, then it was on Rosie O'Donnell's Christmas album and sold another two million. We call our house the House that St. Celine built!"

And ironically, Snider, a classically trained counter-tenor, struggles to sing the track he wrote all those years ago - because "it's out of my range".

He reveals Celine has since discovered the identity of the man behind her Christmas song, adding, "I heard that she found out years later and was very confused."