A.j. Pero died while on tour with Adrenalin Mob and now Snider and his bandmates have decided to split for good after a farewell tour, which will also serve as a tribute trek for their late pal.

But the colourful frontman admits his grief is tinged with anger, because Pero's death could have been avoided.

He tells TMZ.com, "People ask me how I feel about A.J.'s passing and quite honestly I'm going through a real period of anger right now about it. He was a great guy and I loved him dearly, but he had a history of heart disease... His dad died in his early 60s of heart disease - and A.J. never had himself checked out.

"When they (coroner's officials) did the autopsy, he had 95 per cent blockage in his aorta, advanced heart disease, and he didn't have to die, and I feel it's basically irresponsible behaviour on his part.

"He had two ex-wives and an ex- girlfriend of 19 years and four kids he left behind. You have a responsibility as a parent, as an adult, to get yourself checked out."