Twiggy’s fans often mix her up with someone else.

The 71-year-old model admitted there are three particular 1960s images that autograph hunters regularly send to her, which she sends back with a note attached explaining that she isn’t actually the person in the picture.

She said: “I think they go onto sites and you can buy photographs of whatever celebrity you want to buy and some get it wrong. There's three photos in particular and they're not me, so I put a post it on saying 'This is not me'. It's not [a picture of] anyone I recognise, it's probably a model from the same time.”

When looking back on her modelling career, Twiggy – whose real name is Dame Lesley Lawson – still thinks she went on a “mad” journey because her success happened overnight.

She said in a radio interview: "I think it was a bit bizarre what happened to me really, it literally happened overnight. It was one of those mad things, one week I was going to school, coming home to mum and dad and then within a month I was flying to Paris, doing the collections for Vogue.

“I didn't plan to do it, it just snowballed and the big break for me was American Vogue taking me to America. I was modelling for four years then I met a wonderful man named Ken Russell, who at the time, was the biggest film director and he cast me in my first film, ‘The Boy Friend.'"