Twiggy loves Kate Moss' style.

The iconic star - who was one of the first supermodels, pioneering the gamine look in the 60s - has praised her fellow British trend-setter for her rock 'n' roll image and infectious personality.

Asked whose style she most admires, Twiggy told HELLO! magazine: ''Kate Moss obviously, how could you not love Kate? She's her own woman - I love her. She makes me laugh. There's nobody like her.

''We don't look anything alike, but I think we've got similar personalities. When I was a judge on 'America's Next Top Model', you'd get young girls coming in dressed as Kate or me and I tried to tell them that what happened to me and Kate was because we didn't look like anybody else.

''It's the same with Cara Delevingne - I love her, she's so cute.''

The 64-year-old star is still active in the fashion industry with lucrative campaigns for the likes of M&S, but doesn't plan on having cosmetic surgery to preserve her looks because she's too nervous about the risks of going under the knife.

She said: ''I'm too scared I don't see the point in going to hospital unless you have to. I'd never do Botox as it's poisonous. And I don't like the effect of fillers - people look like they've got cushions in their faces.''