Twiggy still can't walk in high heels.

The 71-year-old supermodel - whose real name is Dame Lesley Lawson - has confessed she wears flats most of the time because she struggles to keep her balance in stilettos and would always take pumps with her to photoshoots and need someone to assist her in changing into heels.

Twiggy - who was dubbed The Face of '66 - also revealed she was once warned by a chiropractor that heels are the "worst thing" a woman can wear.

Speaking to artist Grayson Perry on her 'Tea With Twiggy' podcast, she said: “I’ve never been able to walk in high heels.

 “I know I’m a supermodel but I could never walk in the b***** things. They’re dangerous pieces, I think.

“I wear flat shoes most of the time because they’re too difficult to manoeuvre. I can’t balance. If I do a photoshoot – I don’t do many anymore – I take them to the paper where we are doing the photograph, I get somebody to hold me and I climb into the high heels.

“I hurt my back a few years ago and I went to a chiropractor and he said the worst thing for women are high heels.”

Meanwhile, Twiggy previously revealed she originally didn't want the haircut that made her famous.

The star was 16 when she had her hair cut by Leonard of Mayfair and had her picture taken by a professional photographer, and although Twiggy didn't want the experimental cut, it completely changed her life after a fashion reporter saw the picture on the wall and featured her in an article as The Face of '66.

She explained last year: "I went in to have it shampooed and set and Leonard saw me and he said, 'Let me do my new haircut on you'. I'd been growing my hair.

"For a moment I kind of went, 'I don't know whether I want my hair cut'. But I was in this very posh salon in Mayfair so I was a bit too shy to say I don't want it done, and I kind of nodded.

"The nickname Twiggy... my boyfriend's brother used to call me to annoy me. Once it was written in the paper it went stupid and within six months I was in Paris."