TV On The Radio return with their fifth studio album this Autumn entitled 'Seeds', and will be hitting London for a one-off, intimate show over at the restaurant/bar Oslo in Hackney next week.

TV On The Radio will release Seeds November 17TV On The Radio will release Seeds November 17

For a chance to see the Brooklyn rockers perform a very exclusive live session in the UK's capital, all fans have to do is pre-order the new album before 5pm today (October 20th 2014) and they'll be given access to the tickets pre-sale which starts tomorrow. Hopeful attendees can risk it, of course, with tickets still set to be made available in the full sale, but given the exclusivity of the tickets, it's definitely worth ordering 'Seeds' for a better chance. 

Our first glimpse of the new album, which is out in the UK on November 17th, came in the form of first single 'Happy Idiot', alongside a video featuring Pee-Wee Herman star Paul Reubens as racing driver 'Racer Steven' as well as former 'Doctor Who' star Karen Gillan. 'I had this idea for the video that I thought would never happen, of Paul Reubens as a race car driver who slowly loses his mind', lead singer Tunde Adebimpe admitted, adding 'We were really psyched to work with [Gillan] because she's basically sci-fi royalty.'

Watch the video for TV On The Radio's latest single 'Happy Idiot' here:

The album has been produced by guitarist Dave Sitek, who had also worked on the new Kelis album 'Food', released earlier this year. Recorded at Federal Prism in LA, 'Seeds' also marks their move to Harvest Records.

Ticket sales for TV On The Radio's Hackney show are capped at 2 per person, and while the pre-sale gives you a higher chance at landing a ticket, it must be noted that pre-ordering the album will not guarantee a ticket.

The show is set to take place on October 28th.