Review of A Little Funk Single by Turntablerocker

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2. Turntablerocker "A Little Funk " (12" - Columbia)
If you're heading for a party you could do a lot worse than to stick this one on your stereo. After collective achievements of seven top 10 albums in their native Germany, and a resume which includes work with N'Dea Davenport, Mary J Blige and Outcast, the two man team of DJ Producer Hausemarke and DJ Thomilla should be well accustomed to the etiquette of the dancefloor .

Taken from their forthcoming collaborative debut album "Classic", Turntablerocker may not the most innovative of tracks and perhaps there's just a slight whiff of cheese about it but the component keyboards, beats and violins (like Mantronix "King Of The Beats" but without the aggression or the expertise or a funked-up Freestyler's release) will give a guaranteed lift to any flagging knees-up.