Review of 5 mile Single by Turin Brakes

Turin Brakes - 5 mile
Turin Brakes - 5 mile Single review

Turin Brakes

5 mile

Is it me, or are Turin Brakes’ singles getting progressively more country-lite with every release? With 5 mile, you can actually almost imagine it as a semi-humorous cover of a Shania Twain song. I don’t know whether this is to its detriment or not – it’s a well-crafted pop track, right down to the multi-layered harmonies at the end – that only seems to lose out to the fact that they’re too embarrassed to properly package it as such. The production seems to try and disguise it by muddling with knight’s vocals, but if you ask me it’d do better with more handclaps and twiddly violins, a la Twain’s “Don’t be stupid”.


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