Review of Outbursts Album by Turin Brakes

Releasing their fifth album in 9 years, Turin Brakes return as wonderfully melodic as ever. It's often the case that bands such as Turin Brakes become irrelevant and slate this far down the line, however one listen to the albums opener and such preconceptions are blown away. The Sea Change is an acoustic delight, relentless strumming is met by perfect and precise finger picking before a glorious vocal washes over both to makeup a statement of intent from the Balham duo. Similarly Rocket Song follows the same code of conduct, a track that has single material written all over it. It features a typically high pitched Turin Brakes vocal as well as some soothing strings to soften the aggressive nature of the guitar playing. A chorus of 'This Love could smoulder or shower and spark' provides the icing on the cake of an epic song that marks an impressive and surprising start to Outbursts.

Paper Heart and The Invitation are a touch turgid and rather spoil the albums energetic momentum. However the rot stops with Will Power, a powerful, chorus heavy anthem that owes as much to its rhythm section as it does anything else. Apocolips also doesn't disappoint with its Beach Boys harmonies and fitting pianos. A slightly different vocal style is used on this track which works well in varying the album sound.

Turin Brakes Outbursts Album

The closest the band get to matching the quality of The Sea Change comes in the form of Radio Silence. A slow grove that's heavy in its bass, it's a track that possesses an air of attitude in its brooding sound like a later day Supergrass. 'I'm an old soul in a young shell/I broke down at the crossroads' sings Ollie Knights with the kind of passion that makes you almost believe him.

After listening to Outbreaks, you feel like you could have been listening to their debut. It's packed with their trademark sweet melodies that remain as catchy as ever and in the form of The Sea Change they have a song as good any of their previous work.

Despite being past their commercial peak, Turin Brakes provide proof in the form of Outbreak that they still have lots to offer.

Sam Marland

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