Review of The Optimist LP Album by Turin Brakes

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1. Turin Breaks The Optimist LP (Album; - Source)
Turin Breaks are one of the bands that cover the most popular arena of music nominated for this years Mercury Music Awards, namely the singer/songwriters. The most immediate impact of this album is the sweet, high-pitched clarity of vocalists Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian sometimes so effeminate they reach the tones of a trill Tori Amos.

Being brought up listening to the likes of Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen fits nicely into a past history of film school. This pair enjoy creating a scene (in the true sense of the word) and in the end cameras were ditched and music won as their means of communication.

Their self produced The Optimist Lp gives the listener a chance to wallow and squirm amidst a glut of melodies which couldnt be sweeter. Turin Breaks know how to write a catchy tune and fond songs with the pitch perfection of the Everly Brothers and the dramatic discontent of Simon and Garfunkel. A deserving nomination but unlikely to be a winner as their sound is just a touch too traditional.