Review of Read And Write Single by Turbowolf

Review of Turbowolf's single Read and Write.

Turbowolf Read And Write Single

Fresh from performing at the SXSW showcase in Texas, Turbowolf will soon return to the UK for shows to build on a fast-growing reputation that has seen praise from the likes of Metal Hammer and NME. Also scheduled for a session on a national radio show, this will no doubt see their profile rise further.

Strutting with confidence, 'Read And Write' rides in on a huge metal riff, before being joined by the type of electronic effects more commonly found on a dance track. It works surprisingly well and is the basis for what proves to be the heavy guitar genre at its most fun and enjoyable. On this evidence there may even be enough hook and melody in this act to provide a mainstream breakthrough, though whether or not this route is pursued remains to be seen.

Alex Lai

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