Review of The Prophet Returns Album by Tupac Shakur

The Prophet Returns
Album Review

Tupac Shakur The Prophet Returns Album

2Pac still remains an icon in the hip hop world and it's no surprise that Universal can still cash in on his success. When listening to this greatest hits collection it shines brilliant poetic flow and delivery yet also sad reflection with hindsight. Tracks like 'Hit 'Em Up' need to be listened to to see how much the culture has developed. The ego's and naivety of success at that time combined with the venom and confrontational defiance of the lyrics that eventually led to death needs to be listened to. Commercial hip hop almost seems soft to the kind of emotion displayed in 'The Prophet Returns' and I guess it exemplifies the genius of 2Pac Shukar. The delivery of words has a soul and emotion of a man who highlights hip hop at its best. Unfortunately the gangster element led to his death and much of his lyrics highlight this. The edgy 'Ambitious Az A Ridah' and 'Hail Mary' show the pain of the ghetto. There's gems like 'Picture Me Rollin' and the prophetic 'I Ain't Mad At Cha' is a turning point in hip hop unity.
Overall there's loads of good tracks on this album that show why 2Pac is so revered. To the uplifting message of 'Keep Ya Head Up' to the pimp party of 'How Do You Want It' 2Pac has it all. The music is hip hop music at its best and there's no denying that 2Pac was probably one of the best orators in the game and lets not forget how young he was. I'm sure his legacy will continue as long as hip hop music does. Respect

Tareck Ghoneim