Review of Good Arrows Album by Tunng

Just over twelve months since the release of Comments of the Inner Chorus, Tunng's third album Good Arrows not only brings a new band member in the form of Ashley Bates, but it also sees the London based folktronica outfit take a slightly refreshing direction too. 

Tunng Good Arrows Album

Nobody could ever accuse Tunng of lacking imagination. Good Arrows gives the impression of a bizarre collection of experimental nursery rhymes. With contemporary electronic clicks, beats & strange samples, warming guitar arrangements, use of every percussive instrument you could think of (and more) and the softly spoken-like vocals, Tunng's third album is a colourful & wonderful collection of songs that you could play to your children before bedtime. Or so you thought... close inspection of the occasionally sinister lyrics would tell you that such an activity might not be such a good idea after all.

The perfect example of Tunng's deceptive ways arrives with the seemingly jolly 'Bullets' which plods along with ever changing percussion, piano and warm vocals, resulting in a song that wouldn't sound out of place on a Children's BBC program. Yet, with lyrics such as "Our blood and guts are out/We spread our bones across the table at night/ We cut our fingers off", 'Bullets' becomes anything but children's bedtime material.

Whilst existing fans of the band might need a little time to become accustomed to the fresh sound, newcomers are given a great (and possibly the best) introduction to Tunng. Excellent.

Colin Burrill

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