The Last of Us proved to be a smash hit for the Playstation 3, winning over 200 game of the year awards and garnering a roundhouse of critical acclaim. It was, as many have put it, a once in a generation experience, but that experience can be… experienced by another generation, too. But when will PS4 owners get their hands on it?

The Last of UsThe Last of Us looks pretty good on PS3. The PS4 version will be mindblowing

The game was kind-of-accidentally announced as Sony’s US PlayStation network shop listed the PlayStation 4 version of The Last Of Us. And by now we know it exists anyway because Naughty Dog has officially unveiled it on their blog. We know the price will be somewhere around the $60 mark – like any new game – but we don’t know when it will be released. 

But there are some clues: firstly, the game includes extra content, like the brilliant Left Behind DLC, the Abandoned Territories multiplayer map pack, and the Reclaimed Territories pack. Now the latter isn’t out until the summer, so we can be pretty sure the remastered version won’t be out until then. Also, some foreign retailers have the game pinned for June 14, and while that date can’t be confirmed, it’s likely to be around then. 

So there you go; PS4 owners, you’ll be able to get a slice of 1080p Last of Us action, with all the downloadable content included, for about $60 early this summer. If you’re in the U.K, Zavvi have it listed on their site for £38.99. We can see this appealing to those who have already completed the game, given the sheer quality of it. And for those you haven’t played it, experiencing it for the first time in glorious 1080p – well – let’s just say we’re pretty jealous. 

The Last of Us PS4'The Last of Us' was a critical hit

Here’s what Arne Mayer had to say about the remastering project on Naughty Dog’s US blog: “We love setting challenging technical hurdles for us when working on each game – and this is no different. We’ve been working hard on The Last of Us Remastered to release a next-gen evolution worthy of the 200+ Game of the Year awards, not to mention the acclaim and expectations of our fans.”

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