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When Can Ps4 Owners Get Their Hands On Remastered Copy Of 'The Last Of Us'?

The Last of Us proved to be a smash hit for the Playstation 3, winning over 200 game of the year awards and garnering a roundhouse of critical acclaim. It was, as many have put...

Ps4 Owners Will Be Able To Get An Enhanced 'Last Of Us' Experience

The Last of Us proved to be the jewel in the PS3’s crown; a worthy send off for a console that provided one of gaming’s longest generations. And now that send-off is finding its way...

'The Last Of Us' Movie: Of Course This Is A Good Idea, Surely?

The first thing people think about when a brilliant video game is mooted for a big screen adaption is: ‘is this a good idea?’ Well, games don’t get any more brilliant than The Last of...

Naughty Dog Give Us More 'The Last Of Us' With 'Left Behind' Dlc - Critical Roundup

Naughty Dog put time, care and attention into their work. The Last of Us was a forensically crafted, deep title with time spent on characterization never before seen in videogames. It was, by all accounts...

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