Rapper Trick Daddy is refusing to undergo treatment as he battles autoimmune disease Lupus.
The Miami, Florida native, real name Maurice Young, recently revealed he has been fighting the illness in secret for 12 years.
He said during a radio interview, "I went to the doctor, like, 12 years ago. She took all kinds of tests, because I was trying to get rid of what we call dry skin; she did biopsies and blood tests and swab tests. She told me I have lupus."
But the Let's Go star has now stopped taking medication to slow down the progression of the disease from drying out his skin to ravaging his inner organs - because he's sick of all the side effects.
He tells HipHopDX.com, "I stopped taking any medicine that they was (sic) giving me, because for every medicine they gave me, I had to take a test or another medicine every 30 days or so to make sure that medicine wasnt causing side effects  dealing with kidney or liver failureI just said all together I aint (sic) taking no (sic) medicine.
But Trick Daddy refuses to reveal whether he's quit smoking - an activity that can increase the outbreak of skin lesions associated with Lupus.
When asked if he's kicked his nicotine addiction, he replies, "We ain't (sic) gon' ask that question. Just pray for me. Help me help myself so we can help others."