A civil rape suit filed against Trey Songz has been dismissed.

The 37-year-old singer - whose real name is Tremaine Neverson - had been sued for $20 million earlier this year after an anonymous accuser known only as Jane Doe claimed he had anally raped her at a party in March 2016, but at a hearing earlier this week, which the alleged victim's lawyer failed to attend, the judge said she had to reject the case without leave to amend because the statute of limitations ran out on the allegations.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Shirley K. Watkins wrote in a judgement obtained by Rolling Stone magazine: “The court finds (Neverson’s) argument persuasive, and plaintiff was required to present argument and facts to show that the pleading defect can be cured. Because plaintiff did not file an opposition, plaintiff has not met her burden. The court finds the action to be time-barred."

The woman first sued the singer in February, saying they had previously had consensual sex but he had violently sodomised her at a California party on 24 March, 2016, despite her making it clear at the time she did not consent to anal penetration.

According to her lawsuit, she was so distraught when she got into an Uber after the alleged attack, the "observant" cab driver took her to hospital, where medical staff were said to have found she had “severe anal tearing that could require surgery.”

Police tried to interview her at the hospital but Jane Doe was in shock and "fearing for her life" so she declined to name the 'Slow Motion' hitmaker as her attacker.

She claimed in her complaint - which included allegations of sexual assault, battery, rape, false imprisonment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress - the incident had caused her to suffer from “fear, anxiety, humiliation, depression, and other physical and emotional injuries.”

Her lawyer had asked the court to dismiss the case on 6 July, but refiled two days later with an additional claim of negligence.

Songz - who has previously been accused of sexual assault and domestic abuse by other women - denied the allegations and filed a demurrer in August.

His lawyer wrote: “Even if plaintiff’s allegations are true – and defendant vehemently maintains they are not – plaintiff’s claims are facially time-barred under the applicable two-year statute of limitations."