Review of Passion Pain & Pleasure Album by Trey Songz

Young American r'n'b talent Trey Songz releases his fourth album 'Passion Pain & Pleasure' on Atlantic Records. Trey has certainly grown in popularity as an artist having been nominated for various awards and winning the BET award for best R'N'B singer in 2009. His sales have also improved with each album highlighting his credibility and maturity as a popular artist.

Trey Songz Passion Pain & Pleasure Album

Certainly listening to 'Passion Pain & Pleasure' I can see why Trey Songz fourth attempt is selling well as it stands alone as a quality r'n'b/soul album. Not only does he prove to be a good front person for this sound, his personal and heartfelt lyrics and great voice put him as a serious soul contender. 'Alone' is a brilliant track, a real reminder of great soul, there's also other highlights in the form of 'Please Return My Call', 'Unfortunate' and 'Unusual' featuring Drake.

Lil Wayne's most recent protege Nicki Minaj also makes an appearance on the lead single 'Bottoms Up', her vocal perfectly accompanies him and proves to have been a good call from Songz'. The flow and feel of the album is genuine to its soul roots and a acts as a great reminder of when r'n'b was at its peak.

Passion Pain & Pleasure is a mature album for a young soul singer, in fact I'd say it's a pretty heavyweight soul album. It's the sort of album that reminds you of great r'n'b delivered with great sensitivity and conviction that is necessary for a good soul album. Trey Songz should certainly be proud of his fourth album and is obviously growing as an artist. If you're looking for some quality r'n'b; look no further than 'Passion Pain & Pleasure'.

Tareck Ghoneim

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