The Book of Mormon, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's controversial musical comedy, took £2,107,972 in ticket sales between 10am and midnight on Friday (March 22, 2013), breaking the record for the biggest day of West End ticket sales in history. The scurry for tickets came after an additional 150,000 were made available to cope with demand.

The show, which opened at London's Prince of Wales Theatre last Thursday, is now booking in London until January 2014 after an award-winning run on Broadway and a US national tour. The show has been criticized in some quarters for satirizing the Mormon religion - seen as an easy target by some - though it seems London audiences can't get enough of the tale, which follows two young Mormon missionaries sent to Uganda. 

"After a phenomenal opening night I am delighted to see a phenomenal record-breaking post-opening box office of over £2 million. The Mormons have truly delivered a heavenly hit," said Mark Rubinstein, president of the Society of London Theatre in a statement, "It is fantastic to have such a brilliant show reaching out to new audiences for the West End and ensuring that they have a great night of musical entertainment."

The Book Of MormonThe Opening Night Of The Book Of Mormon In New York City

Written and composed by Parker and Stone - the creators of comedy South Park - the show has divided audiences, though it appears everyone is intrigued, at least. The Observer's Euan Ferguson said, "If you're lucky enough to somehow have a ticket for this, the most cryingly good night out to have come along for years, and are by any chance looking forward to a smug few British-liberal hours sneering at the mad imbecilities of self-righteous Americans and organised religion."